I'm Dmitrij Belyaew

Software developer

About me

A small introduction about my self

Belyaew Dmitrij


I love to create incredibly awesome things, the more complex the issue, the more fun to resolve it. Basically I position myself as javascript, rails ruby developer, but still do a lot of things: from fine-tuning the server to the frontend development. I love Android, and indeed google-technology. Without a doubt, I believe that everything that I have created a startup \ project will benefit for mankind, and profit for me. Scrolldown.

Невероятно люблю создавать крутые штуки, чем сложнее задача, тем интереснее её решать, конечное главное здесь не переборщить. В основном позиционирую себя как javascript, rails ruby разработчик, но еще делаю много чего: от тонкой настройки сервера до frontend разработки. Люблю Android, да и вообще google-технологии. Без сомненний я верю, что каждый созданный мною стартап\проект принесет человечеству пользу, мне деньги. Интересное - ниже.

Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at

Ruby & Rails

5 years


Electron, AngularJS, VueJS


Pixelperfect makeup


Better day by day


Server administration


in production use

Work Experience

My previous associations

Feb 2011

Self Employed


Freelance, Outsource and other work from home.

May 2015



Application development

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career

June 2013

Bachelor Degree of Chemical engineering

Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology

Unrelated with software development


Various Online courses

Coursera, Udacity

Still study


showcase of my latest works

  • Zoommy app preview
  • Collectie app preview
  • Trym app preview
  • Nadasuge.ru
  • privoz.ua preview
  • android app preview

Get In Touch

Please feel free if you would like to have a chat. If I am not able to do I find the right people.

Contact details

Ukraine, Kyiv

[email protected]